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Founded in 2014, the RUHIEE CHESS ACADEDMY in vijayawada Ruhiee Chess Academy chess classes are open to the entire studentís. Each class session concentrates on key chess concepts including piece movements, tactical ideas, gaining a winning position, good sportsmanship, general rules of play, and emphasizes chess as a fun and mentally stimulating activity that will provide another field of competition besides athletics and academics.

Benefits of Chess coaching :

Improves critical thinking

Improves Logical thinking

Teaches problem solving skills

Cultivates visualization skills

Improves concentration and self-discipline skills

Teaches determination and perseverance

Builds self-esteem

Promotes good sportsmanship

Improves positive social skills.

To serve the customers of their choice of coaching in vijayawada ,Siddhartha Nagar ,Ashok Nagar and Bapatla Andhra Pradesh India.

Chess coaching will be given by International Rated players and senior coach's

BRANCH'S in vijayawada with contact nos

MOGALRAJPURAM - 95338555883

AYYAPA NAGAR - 8985063004

BHAVANIPURAM - 8985063004

GURUNANAK colony - 8985063004

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